Welcome to the site of the SagTeam group

SAGTEAM is a group of scientists from leading scientific and educational institutions involved in machine learning methods, data analysis, neural networks and mathematical modeling, applied to various application fields.

The team has completed and continues to carry out a number of projects on the analysis of textual information, the construction of diagnostic systems in the medical field, the analysis of production processes, the solution of control problems and the development of effective models of spike neural networks.

The team’s backlogs include models of syntactic, morphological analysis of documents, highlighting keywords, searching for embedded topics in a given set of documents, assessing the emotional coloring of messages, determining the profile of the author of the text, in particular gender and age. Most of the team members have experience in joint implementation of a number of scientific grants and custom work.


Октябрь 2019

Выступление на конференции МИФИ

Сентябрь 2019

Выступление на конференции МТУ

25 July 2019

Доклад А.Г. Сбоева на тему "Нейронные сети в анализе текстов на естествнном языке"

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